Case Management

What Is Case Management?

Case management is designed to enhance the recovery of an individual once a residential substance abuse or addiction treatment program is completed and the individual is ready for release. When an individual leaves the treatment facility the risk of relapsing is very high. Case management services can offer numerous benefits to the recovering individual that will help eliminate the risk of relapse and ensure a permanent sobriety. The case management professional will provide support and will monitor the individual as they progress through the recovery process. Case management services also help develop a sobriety plan, set specific goals for recovery and for life, and take steps to meet the goals that the individual has.

Stage 1 – Recovery Enrichment  (more structured)

Stage 2 – Recovery Enrichment (Less structured)



What are the Benefits of Case Management?


There are many benefits with case management. These benefits include:

  • Case management will help clients take responsibility for their actions, instead of blaming others.
  • Case management can help assure friends, family members, employers, and even court officials that the individual is staying sober and is still in recovery.
  • Case management will help the individual develop a sense of responsibility for staying sober and avoiding substance abuse in all forms.
  • Case management services will greatly improve the chances that the individual has of staying sober and meeting their treatment goals.


Who Needs Case Management Services?


Who will benefit from case management services? Any individual who has a substance abuse problem and who has any barriers or obstacles to staying sober and a complete recovery from addiction. Most of the time case management services are used by clients who have just completed an inpatient treatment program. Sometimes these services may be used by individuals who are receiving substance abuse treatment on an outpatient basis as well, especially if the risk of slipping back into old habits is great.


What Does Case Management Services Include?


Case management services can include a wide range of assistance and support services. These may include:


  • Case management services can identify beneficial resources available to the client.
  • These services can provide financial management guidance.
  • Case management can offer support when things get tough and the client is most likely to backslide.
  • These services will monitor the recovery progress and ensure that the client complies with the treatment recommendations in the individual case.
  • Random substance abuse testing can be provided.
  • Outpatient treatment options can be identified. 
Case Management programs are available in two forms
        Stage 1 – Recovery Enrichment  (more structured)
        Stage 2 – Recovery Enrichment (Less structured)

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