Stage 1 – Recovery Enrichment

Our “Recovery Enrichment” services help assist individuals who are on the Road to Recovery. It is designed to augment a Residential Treatment program, and to help ensure that the aftercare program set out in Rehab is being followed.


Stage 1 is the first and most intensive part of the Case Management process. It lays the ground work for the following stages. In this stage the Case Manager works closely with the participant, the family unit, sponsors, work and treatment providers, forming a strong support network. We can help with financial management, mediation between all parties in the support network.

Contact with the case manager and the clients will vary from several weekly skype sessions in the first month tapering to bi-weekly in the last 6 months.

* Programs like this are not meant solely for people recovering from addictions, people struggling with gambling addiction, eating disorders, shopping, etc, would also benefit from our programs as well.


What does this Contract look like?
it is a combination of some of the following things
  • Recommendations from the Treatment Program that they attended
  • Recommendations from the Family
  • Recommendations from governing agencies (judges, associations, boards)
  • Participants background information, contact information
  • Confidentiality release forms for all who are involved in the participants support and care network
  • Outline Consequences for breaking terms of the contract
How are requirements monitored for compliance?
  • Urine Analysis for Drug & Alcohol use. participants are required to call a 1-800 number daily, to see if today is a testing day. Testing days are chosen at random by an automated system, on a testing day they must show up at an approved testing site to give a sample. If a test shows positive it is forwarded, for further examination.
  • 12 Step meeting attendance is to be recorded on a form provided to the participant, it must be signed by the meeting secretary. At the end of each week the form must be mailed in.
  • 12 step meetings that are attended with their Sponsor are to be recorded and signed by sponsor too.
  • Any therapy, groups or other meeting requirements are likewise to be verified by a 3rd party.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Recovery Enrichment
  • Q: Who is Case Management for?
  • A: Anyone who is a Recovering Addict, or suffering from mental health problems. If they are not covered by a monitoring program through work or other sources we can step in and help fill this hole. We work with people from all walks of life, from Teens to Seniors, and from Waitress to Doctors.
  • Q: How do we take the First step in using your program?
  • A: Having the perspective participant call our office at 1-877-855-9408 we need to get a signed “Release of confidential information” so we can work with their treatment provider to begin building a monitoring plan.
  • Q: How long does it take to get the program in place?
  • A: It generally take between 1-2 weeks, if the individual is still in treatment it is best to start the process 2 weeks before their discharge date.

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