FAQ – About Case Management

Top 4 FAQ About Case Management Services


1. Who Will Benefit From Case Management?


If you are in a recovery program for any type of substance abuse, addiction, or mental disorders then you will qualify for case management. If you are not covered by a professional monitoring program to help you stay in recovery, monitor your progress, and help you set ideal goals then you should be. Sober Allies offers case management services that can ensure continued recovery using a number of methods. Treatment program follow up, mandatory testing for drugs and alcohol, and even support services can be covered under professional case management. There is no age or occupation restrictions, and clients may range from high school students with substance abuse problems to doctors, lawyers, and pilots.


2. How Can I Arrange For Case Management Services?


Arranging for case management services can be simple. Contact the professional case management company that you have decided on, such as the one offered by Sober Allies, and request services. An initial consultation will determine exactly what professional case management services the client will need. Most professional case management companies will have a telephone number and an email address or website where you can find out more information and inquire about desired services. You can discuss the specific case management needs that you have and the representative can explain all of the available services.


3. What Is The Initial Case Management Process And When Should I Inquire?


If you need case management services then when should you contact the company to arrange for an initial consultation? As soon as you know the release date from the residential treatment facility, or you recognize the need for case management services. It will usually require between 1 and 2 weeks to complete the entire intake process and arrange for all of the case management services that are needed. During the initial consultation you will need to sign certain releases and provide all of the required information.


4. How Much Will Case Management Cost?


One of the most asked questions is how much will case management cost? The answer will depend on a number of different factors, including the case management company that is used and the specific services needed in an individual case. If daily or weekly drug or alcohol testing is required or certain types of therapy are recommended then these additional fees will change the final cost of the case management services rendered.

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