How Can Sober Companions Help

5 Ways Sober Companions From Sober Allies Can Help Your Recovery


1. Assist With Local Service Providers- Sober companions from Sober Allies can help locate local service providers who are needed for continuing care after you leave the addiction treatment program. Our sober companions can find the services that are recommended for you upon returning home, such as medical care, counseling, and other addiction recovery needs. All of the sober companions from Sober Allies can provide assistance in finding the right service providers and matching providers with the services that you need.


2. Support During The Initial Transition Phase- Sober companions can be very helpful in the first few days home. After inpatient treatment for addiction going home is fraught with risks and vulnerabilities. Sober companions from Sober Allies can help with this transition, providing support and companionship so that you make the right decisions instead of the wrong ones that lead to a relapse. When you first arrive home there are many insecurities and this can increase the risk of relapse unless sober companions are used.


3. Sober Escort Services- Sober companions can offer sober escort services. Whether this is needed following an intervention while you go into treatment or you need to switch treatment facilities for any reason and need to be escorted to ensure that you do not relapse sober companions can make a big difference. Sober Allies is experienced in how to keep relapse at bay and ensure success, and our sober companions will help you with this.


4. 12 Step Meetings- Another way that sober companions can help with your recovery is by locating 12 step meetings for you to attend, and then attending the first meetings with you if this is desired. Having sober companions provide support during the early stages of recovery can help avoid a relapse and ensure that you follow any after treatment recommendations. Having sober companions provide support during the first AA meetings that you attend can be very beneficial.


5. Back To Work and Back To Family Meetings- When you first leave an addiction treatment program and return home the initial family meeting and back to work meetings can be nerve wracking. Sober companions provide emotional support when you face your family and employer for the first time after addiction treatment, and can help reinforce just how serious you are about your future sobriety and complete recovery. Sober companions will show your employer and family that you are a changed person.