An intervention is a organized meeting, of Loved ones (friends and family) of an individual struggling with addiction.We call the individual with the problem the 0″Identified Person” or the “IP”.

The Goal of an intervention is to get the IP to the point where they are willing to enter a treatment program to address their addiction issues. In Alcoholics Anonymous there is a saying, that an Addict will get better when they hit a Rock Bottom. The problem with this is we have no idea what this bottom will be, it could even be as serious as Jail, Hospital, or even Death. What we do in Intervention is we want to raise there bottom, this allows us to have more controlled and predictable bottom.

Some examples of a typical bottom include.

Health : this bottom is usually very effective at getting an addict into Recovery and ending their addiction. This is because the decision is very clear either Quit Using or DIE.

Emotional : This can very greatly, but is typically when the IP has burned so many bridges and pushed so many people away. And now the emotional stress becomes so great they decide to seek or accept help.

Legal : When the Law gets involved it forces the IP  to get into treatment. Typically their addiction has brought them to the point where they have broken the law, and found themselves in front of a Judge. And the Judge gives them a choice JAIL or Rehab.

Financial : A personal financial bottom, happens when the IP has exhausted all their resources, leaving them with nothing but their Addiction. Often this will bring the IP to ask for help.

Spiritual : This bottom is a very personal situation between the IP and God. It can be a very powerful bottom, but it is unpredictable, as to when it will occur.


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