How Does an Intervention Work ?

How Do Sober Allies Interventions Work?


Many people wonder how interventions work because a family member, friend, or other loved one has an addiction or other destructive problem. Interventions are not complicated or difficult to arrange. In many cases this step can help the individual with a problem take the first step towards treatment, and a brand new beginning without substance abuse or other harmful behaviors and addictions. The first step starts with a phone call to Sober Allies, and a conversation with an expert intake worker who will ask some questions and gather some information that is needed to schedule interventions.


During the initial phone call to arrange for interventions the answers and information provided are confidential, and will only be disclosed to one of our expert professionals who conduct the interventions. The individual who will handle any scheduled interventions will contact you so that the needs of the individual who has a problem can be determined. You will also receive a packet of information that covers the process followed with all of the interventions we provide, and this information can be sent to you using email, fax, or the postal service. We prefer using email or fax so that you receive the information quickly and get the answers and help that you are looking for.


When you have the conversation with the interventionist from Sober Allies you will both work together to figure out which plan of action is the best choice in the specific situation that you are facing. If interventions may be the right course then you will be told what each participant will need to do. This will involve writing a letter to the individual who has the problem, outlining how the substance abuse or addiction that they suffer from has affected the participant. The certified professional who handles the Sober Allies interventions will schedule the intervention and any other required meetings, and make arrangements to travel to your location to handle the intervention process.


Our Intreventions often include a Family Education Component, usually the day before the intervention. The Family will be taught about addiction, co-dependancy, enabling and how they can help and support there loved ones in a healthy manner. 


Interventions can be a wake up call to the individual, one that points out the destructive habits and behaviors that the individual has. The cost for interventions will depend on a number of different factors. The travel distance for the meetings that interventions require are calculated into the cost for this service. Each case is different and unique, and may involve different time requirements and travel arrangements that can affect the final cost for interventions. 


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