What is an Intervention?

What Are Interventions And When Is This Type Of Service Needed?


What are interventions and when is this type of service needed? Interventions are group meetings that usually involve the family and friends of an individual, who are concerned about the addiction or substance abuse problems that the individual has. During interventions each participant will discuss how the drugs, alcohol, or other addiction has affected their lives. Interventions are designed to show the individual that many people care and that there is help available for their specific problems but the individual must be willing to accept the help being offered. Interventions can be helpful for many problems, not just alcohol or drug addiction. Eating disorders, sex and shopping addictions, and other harmful addictions can also be addressed with an intervention.


Interventions are designed to confront the individual who has the problem in a non threatening way, while reinforcing the damage that the addiction or other harmful problems are causing for the individual and those who care about this person. There are many situations where interventions may be beneficial. These include:


  • Gambling addictions
  • Shopping addictions
  • Sex addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Video game addictions
  • Excessive risk taking, aka as an addiction to risk or excitement
  • Self mutilating behavior
  • Excessive work habits
  • Many other harmful habits or addictions


How can you tell if interventions are needed? If an individual has any habits or substance abuse issues that interfere with daily life or that causes trouble for the individual then interventions can help in a large percentage of the cases. Sometimes just the fact that people care enough to confront the individual in an effort to save them, and the proof that the individual hurts others with their behavior, may cause the person to seek the help needed and turn their life around once and for all.


Interventions can make the difference between a hopeful future and a continued downward slide that is self destructive. There are several different models used for interventions, depending on the service provider and the specific addiction or personal problem that is being addressed. There is the Arise model, the Johnson model, Systemic model, and other forms of interventions that may be used. Interventions can be arranged with a simple phone call, and you will need to provide some information about the case to help the company determine which types of Interventions will work best in each case. Needed interventions will be scheduled as soon as possible, taking the schedule of everyone involved into consideration. 

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