Addiction Relapse Monitoring With Sober Allies

Sober Allies offers an addiction relapse monitoring program that can help you stay sober and prevent relapse. This program may include drug/alcohol testing, assessment, program compliance, and many other benefits. Addiction relapse monitoring takes the uncertainty out of recovery. The individual being monitored will be held to account for their actions and choices. An addiction relapse monitoring program that includes drug/alcohol testing forces the individual being monitored to be responsible for their actions, and will also give employers, family members, and others assurance that the individual is staying clean and sober. Addiction relapse monitoring will improve the chances that the individual will stay on the right path, and be successful in their addiction treatment efforts.

At Sober Allies each case will be individually assessed during the initial addiction relapse monitoring consultation. This allows the specific services needed to be identified, whether this is program compliance, drug/alcohol testing, or other monitoring efforts. When an individual is monitored then it is much more difficult for the individual to abuse substances undetected. Addiction relapse monitoring from Sober Allies can also ensure that the individual with substance abuse issues attends any recommended treatment sessions and meetings. This may include AA, NA, individual therapy sessions, and others.

Addiction relapse monitoring can be very effective, especially when drug/alcohol testing is required. Sober Allies can help ensure that you or a loved one actually follows through after leaving inpatient treatment for addiction, or with any recommended treatment to avoid an inpatient stay. Addiction relapse monitoring will monitor the individual closely and any signs of a relapse can be quickly addressed. In many cases addiction relapse monitoring with drug/alcohol testing can make the difference between someone who relapses and someone who doesn’t. Sober Allies offers testing and monitoring services that can be beneficial no matter where you are in the recovery process.

Taking advantage of the terrific addiction relapse monitoring services that Sober Allies offers is easy, just contact the toll free number to inquire. Drug/alcohol testing can be arranged at any frequency that is recommended, whether this is monthly, weekly, or daily. If you have a loved one who has an addiction then addiction relapse monitoring with drug/alcohol testing can give you peace of mind. If you have an addiction then these services can help you stay on the right path and prevent a relapse from happening in the first place. Sober Allies specializes in addiction monitoring and treatment, without taking away your dignity or self respect.

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