Options For Monitoring

At Sober Allies we currently have a few options available to us for the monitoring of each participant.

For Alcohol monitoring we use a state of the art system for daily Breath Testing. The Participant is given there own personal breathalyzer that is connected via Bluetooth to a cell phone, when it is time to test a text message is sent to the phone and the individual has 30 minutes to provide a breath sample. There is a camera on the device that takes a picture of the person giving the sample to make sure that there is no cheating. Once the sample is given the reading is sent back to the main frame computer, and an email is sent to the Case Manager. To date there is not a system like this for Drug Testing, but it is coming.

The Costs for This Breathalyzer system is $600.00 partially refundable Deposit for the unit and $240/per month for monitoring.

Typically for best results we recommend that the clients test Morning, Noon and at Bedtime.

We require a 6 Month initial commitment, for each client.



Unfortunately For Drug Testing we do not have a remote device but we will provide a testing facility in the participants home town, the individual will be required to go down to the testing facility and give a sample for Urine Analysis. The results will than be forwarded to the Case Manager.


A urine sample is tested on the spot and then sent off to our Lab for confirmation.










To Speak with Someone about our Monitoring Programs Call 1-877-577-9408 today