8 Components For Success

Recovery Programs For Doctors Should Include These 8 Components For Success


1. Individual Counseling- All recovery programs for doctors should include individual counseling, but many do not offer this type of treatment because of the cost involved. Just because a program is expensive does not always mean that the program offers the most effective treatment methods possible.


2. Group Sessions- Any of the recovery programs for doctors should include group sessions as well as individual counseling. Group therapy has benefits, but when this is the only type of therapy offered the results seen are not as good as combining group sessions and individual sessions for an individual.


3. Anger Management- Anger management is essential with recovery programs for doctors. Anger is a negative emotion that is destructive and can cause you to relapse. Learning how to manage anger effectively is crucial to a successful recovery.


4. Stress Management- One of the key elements for recovery programs for doctors that are successful is stress management courses and techniques. Stress can lead to a relapse very quickly, and many doctors have high stress levels every single day. Learning to manage and relief stress appropriately can have a big impact on your treatment results.


5. Physical Activity- The best recovery programs for doctors will include a physical activity component. Physical activity can be very beneficial for a full recovery. Exercise will help detoxify your body and eliminate any substance residue left. When you are physically fit you feel better and are less likely to go back to your old habits.


6. Nutritional Counseling- A crucial part of recovery programs for doctors should be nutritional counseling. Eating healthy affects how you look and feel, and can help you avoid any future relapses. Certain foods may actually trigger cravings and cause a relapse, and nutritional counseling can identify the foods to include and those to avoid in your diet.


7. A Comfortable Setting- All of the recovery programs for doctors will typically include a comfortable setting that is low stress and relaxing. These are important aspects that will allow you to concentrate on your recovery instead of being distracted.


8. A Small Number Of Clients- The right recovery programs for doctors will only have a small number of clients in treatment at any one time. This allows the staff to provide the individual one on one attention that is most effective, and keeps the stress of the program minimal. A small client load increases the treatments offered and ensures that the best results are received.