Available Services of Sober Companions


Post Intervention to Treatment Program

Sober Allies recommends that all our clients be escorted into treatment right after an intervention. Our interventionists can provide this service, unless a family member prefers to accompany their loved one to treatment on their own. If  the need, for additional assistance is required, Sober Allies can provide a sober companion escort.

Transition Between Levels of Care

If your loved one needs to transition between treatment centers or to another level of care. We can supply a “Sober Companion” who can be an escort between care providers. The transition between structured environments can be very traumatic for someone on the early road to recovery and we can help them make that transition as safely and seamless as possible.

Post Treatment – Back Home

Once treatment has been completed your loved one faces the huge task of returning home, Their treatment program will do their best to prepare them for this day. Compared to the safety of the treatment facility, being home can be overwhelming.  Sober Allies can provide a sober companion to escort the client home and then stay as long as you like, to help get them adjust to their new life of recovery.

Sober Companion Services

The need for a Sober Companion extends well beyond escorting a person to and from addiction treatment. Some individuals need the additional support and services of a Sober Companion to help them adjust to there New Life as a person in recovery. Addiction treatment programs are highly structured environments, some individuals need help incorporating the new tools they learned in treatment and using them in their daily lives. A Sober Companion from Sober Allies can help ease this transition.

The services offered by a Sober Companion are as varied as the people who need their help:

  • Help locating, choosing and attending a local 12 Step Meetings
  • Reintroduction to the family system post-treatment (back to family meeting)
  • Resuming work/career (back to work meeting)
  • Providing support to the client during the difficult first few days
  • Assisting clients in  finding local service providers for continuing care in the Recovery Process


If you need a Sober Companion to assist your loved one’s recovery, or have any questions about the Process of Recovery please call us at Sober Allies. 1-877-855-9408