What Are Sober Coaches And How Do They Help During Recovery?

What are sober coaches, and how do these professionals help individuals who need substance abuse treatment and want to fully recover from addiction? Sober coaches are professionals who provide support services and help an individual succeed in a lasting recovery. These professionals help the individual in a variety of ways, depending on the unique needs of each case and recovering individual. Sober coaches may set personal and recovery goals that the individual needs to meet, and they assist in skill building so the individual has the needed skills to stay clean and sober in any situation.


Sober coaches can also provide assistance for individuals who can not afford to relapse. This may be required for many reasons. Sober coaches may help in cases where the individual must sustain from substance abuse for legal, contract, or medical reasons. Sober coaches are also invaluable when recovery is desired and the individual is not willing to slip back into the old habits. Sober coaches will look at the needs and support systems available to the client, and then help fill any needs with community resources and professionals who can provide the required services. The goal of sober coaching is to provide all the tools, support, and resources needed to start or continue recovery, and is often used after leaving a residential treatment facility.


Sober coaches closely understand the dynamics of addiction and recovery, and they also understand all of the possible roadblocks that an individual faces trying to recover. Sober coaching involves developing an action plan for the individual that will maximize recovery success and minimize the risks of a relapse during and after treatment. Sober coaches will arrange for any support and treatment services that the individual may need to improve their recovery and help them stay on the right track.


One way that sober coaches provide many benefits is by evaluating the individual situation and addiction. Sober coaches will examine all of the relevant factors in each case, and then match each client with the available resources that will help eliminate any recovery barriers and meet their specific needs. Sober coaches provide much needed support and assistance, at a time when the recovering addict needs these the most. The assistance that sober coaches can provide has been called invaluable by those who have been helped by these professionals. Sober coaches can help you make your recovery permanent and minimize the chances of a relapse.


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