What Are Sober Companions?

Sober Allies offers many substance abuse and recovery services, and one of these is sober companions. What are sober companions though, and how do these professionals help in the desired recovery goals? Sober companions can provide customized services for each client to ensure that recovery is not interrupted and a relapse does not occur. Recovery leaves the individual vulnerable, and a sober companion can be very beneficial at these times. Sometimes it may be necessary to move from one program to another, such as going from detox facilities to substance abuse treatment programs. Sober Allies sober companions are professionals who may provide:


  • Sober escorts to treatment after an intervention
  • Sober escorts from one treatment facility to another
  • Sober escorts home from treatment
  • Sober companions who can help with acclimation to a new sober life once home
  • Help with locating and attending outpatient treatment, therapies, and meetings
  • Sober companions for support during any back to family meetings and back to work meetings
  • Assistance locating and scheduling continued care which is recommended
  • Sober companions at home during the initial transition period from treatment to home, which usually lasts a few days to a week
  • Other customized services as needed


All of the sober companions at Sober Allies are professionals who are experienced and highly knowledgeable about addiction and recovery. These companions offer time intensive professional services to help you meet your recovery needs no matter what these needs may be. Often the first few days home from inpatient treatment can be very stressful, and is one of the most likely times when relapse occurs. Sober companions can help mitigate this stress, and ensure that recovery is not interrupted by providing support and companionship until the individual is comfortable and confident in reaching their recovery goals alone.


Sober Allies understands the barriers to recovery, and our sober companions can help when having someone sober who is supportive is critical. Sober companions can help find or arrange for any aftercare treatment. These professionals can provide escort services between facilities, to treatment programs, and even to the first group meetings and other therapy requirements. Sober companions are professionals whose goal is to enhance your recovery, and provide support in many circumstances and situations. Sober Allies provides sober companions who can make all the difference in a full and complete recovery without relapses that are common.